Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering, land development and permitting division provides a one stop source for many of the facets involved in a land development project – from the initial conceptual design, due-diligence, and environmental assessments; through the preparation of engineering documents and permitting process; and ultimately into the construction phase and required maintenance inspection services. We are capable and experienced in most every development scenario; from urban infill and redevelopment, commercial mixed-use, flex space warehousing to cluster and rural subdivisions. What sets us apart from most others is our inherent talent to “think outside of the box” and a practical understanding of what it takes to develop a strong foundation of design to build a great project. A•C•T’s civil engineering department is licensed in the states of Florida and Georgia to provide land use planning, site development, resident engineering services during construction, permitting services, coordination with other design consultants, project cost estimating and other specialty services including urban infill and redevelopment as well as rural master planning.

Structural Engineering

The structural engineering department at A•C•T provides a wide range of services to meet our clients’ needs. Our department is staffed with professional engineers licensed in the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama as well as a drafting staff proficient in the latest versions of AutoCAD. We provide structural engineering design and inspection services to many industry sectors including residential, commercial, educational and industrial. The structural engineering department at A•C•T strives to provide our clients with quality and efficient structural designs while maintaining demanding turn-around times. It is also our goal to provide a complete design with the detail required to eliminate ambiguity in the field by customizing our design documents to each specific project. We understand that all projects begin with and are built around the structural systems and, as such, an accurate and timely structural product will set the tone for a successful project.

Environmental Engineering

A•C•T’s environmental science & engineering department provides an extensive array of environmental services to meet any environmental need you may have. An overview of our services include air quality assessments, auditing and compliance inspections, due diligence investigations, emergency response services, emergency preparedness plans, environmental waste management, natural resource protection and conservation plans, contamination remediation plans and implementation, restoration, sustainability solutions, spill prevention, control and countermeasure plans (SPCC), wastewater treatment system design, and technology research to name a few. We maintain relationships with the regulatory agencies to ensure that our clients only receive the best possible service in the industry.