Industrial Services

The A•C•T Industrial Services Division consists of the appropriate equipment and highly experienced certified field personnel, project managers and scientists, to ensure your projects are safely and cost effectively completed within the scheduled time frame and in the most qualitative and liability reducing manner.

The key specialized services supporting private industry and government market sectors are as follows:

A•C•T Storage Tank Services - Underground and aboveground fuel and chemical storage tank systems require routine inspection, maintenance, repair, upgrade, removal and replacement in addition to meeting required federal and state environmental compliance guidelines. A•C•T personnel are not only OSHA 1910 but also confined space entry certified and meter competent to ensure safe entry and work activity inside tank enclosures. A•C•T personnel have extensive experience cleaning product and waste tanks containing volatile fuels, heavy oil, solvents, resin, process chemicals, acids and caustics. A•C•T has successful project experience removing or demolishing existing storage vessels and installing new tank systems. A•C•T directly performs tank closure assessments including all facets of tank site cleanup and restoration.

A•C•T Site Remediation Services - A•C•T’s integrated environmental technical and field services capabilities lend themselves to greater remedial solution options and project cost effectiveness. Having A•C•T in-house professional geologists and or engineers involved on your project will further ensure that the core remedial work objectives are well understood and executed, that responsive and competent task adjustments will be made as necessary, and that the project will be completed on time and within budget while meeting local, state and federal guidelines.

A•C•T associated on-site remedial services include:

  • Contamination Assessment
  • Remedial Action Plan Generation
  • Petroleum, Chemical and Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil Excavation
  • Groundwater Treatment
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Stabilization, Solidification, Encapsulation
  • Bio-Remediation of Organic Contaminants
  • Neutralization of Acids, Caustics
  • Trench, Barrier, Impoundment, Containment Construction
  • Facility, Tank Farm, Pond, Lagoon and Waste Pit Closure

A•C•T implements and follows all aspects of site safety protocols on all projects including generation of site health and safety plans, airborne contaminant and particulate monitoring and personnel medical monitoring by a certified A•C•T industrial hygienist and or project dedicated health and safety officer.