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Environmental & Occupational Health

Environmental & Occupational Health

Safe and Secure

Manage Risk & Create Value.

We are dedicated to helping you provide safe and healthy workplaces to protect one of your greatest assets: your employees. Environmental/Occupational Health (EOH), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), Regulatory Compliance and Hazard Analysis have become increasingly important disciplines of Industrial Hygiene to both the private and public sectors. A-C-T’s team of professionals is experienced in investigating, characterizing and addressing these issues including mold, asbestos and lead. Our senior staff are board-certified or have advanced degrees in industrial hygiene, public health, microbiology, engineering and other science and safety-based backgrounds. Our diverse in-house team allows us to assemble personnel from various disciplines to respond to challenging client needs.

Putting on sanitization gear.

First Priority


Safety here at A-C-T is our first priority. The safety and health of all employees, customers, contractors, vendors, and the well-being of the environment is every employee's responsibility. This responsibility is shared at all levels, from entry-level to the executive level.

A-C-T maintains safety and health programs conforming to the best practices of our industry. Our success depends on A-C-T employees embodying the proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention. Cooperation in safety matters amongst our employees is extremely important. Only through such a cooperative effort can an effective health and safety culture be successful. A-C-T believes that ZERO accidents, injuries, and spills/environmental releases are attainable.

Training is an integral part of preparing our employees with the proper tools needed to complete job tasks safely and efficiently. Employees complete multiple certified pieces of training such as 40 Hr. HAZWOPER, Florida Phosphate Producers, MSHA New Miner, OSHA 10 & 30 Hr (General Industry and Construction) to name a few along with many other specific types of training. Our trainers conduct these pieces of training not only for our employees but for clients as well. Please see the “TRAINING” section for a list of the types of training we provide.

While cost and quality service to the customer is a core business value, we will not compromise safety. Our core safety values are: seek ways to decrease risk, proactively mitigate hazards or potential hazards, report hazards, and model the way for others by setting the example with safe work behaviors.

We will support these values with the following principles:

  1. All accidents are preventable and all hazards controllable.
  2. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  3. Safety is everyone's responsibility.
  4. People will be trained to perform their jobs safely prior to being assigned the task.
  5. Audits are essential for maintaining safety performance.

A-C-T will be diligent in its efforts to keep all of its team members safe and healthy. We understand that health & safety is an endeavor that requires the cooperation of every team member.

Safety Protocols

We implement and follow comprehensive site safety protocols on every project: Generating site health and safety plans, monitoring airborne contaminants and particulates, personnel medical monitoring by a certified A-C-T industrial hygienist, and/or project-dedicated health and safety officer.

Workplace Health and Safety

Industrial Hygiene.

The discipline of Industrial Hygiene focuses on anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling a wide variety of hazards to human health and safety in and out of the workplace.

Our Industrial Hygiene team develops hazard exposure assessments for both workplace and residential environments, and delivers practical solutions to address hazards that we identify, protecting the safety and well-being of your employees. Among the Industrial Hygiene services we provide include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Asbestos services
  • OSHA compliance occupational exposure surveys
  • Site surveys and risk assessment
  • Industrial Hygiene program development
  • Personal and area noise monitoring
  • Personal and area air monitoring

Reduced Risk

Protecting Your Facilities & Employees Has Never Been More Critical.

Reduce the risk of contamination after routine shutdowns, repairs, or emergency responses of your cleanrooms, controlled environments, equipment, and spaces. Contamination in hard-to-reach areas puts your critical environment at risk. Additionally, many traditional manual cleaning processes can sometimes fail to reach all contact surfaces. From routine bioburden reduction to rapid response for an unplanned event, A-C-T can help you resume operation faster to protect your people, products, and facility. The A-C-T decontamination services have been proven successful in a wide range of industries.

Health Screening

Decontamination Experts

Our Expertise Includes

  • Biological contamination investigations
  • Mycoplasma decontamination
  • Decontamination protocols for various spaces:
    • Lab decontamination
    • Incubator decontamination
    • Cold room decontamination
    • Fume hood decontamination
    • Biosafety cabinet (BSC) testing, certification, and disinfection
    • Animal care facility decontamination
  • Biosafety program support
    • Sampling and lab analysis
    • Work process audits and assessments
    • Disinfection programs
    • Mold remediation

Healthy Work Environment

Recommended Preventive Biological Decontamination.

Avoid costly problems by scheduling periodic testing and preventive cleaning. Preventive measures can:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Maintain the integrity of cell cultures and specimens
  • Keep your facility and work environment safe, compliant, and healthy

Our goal is to keep you safe, compliant, and operational by maintaining a healthy working space.

Business Protection

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Decontamination Response.

Protect your business and achieve peace of mind with a multi-faceted COVID-19 response plan customized for your operations. Whatever your needs are during these unprecedented times, we have the solutions for you. We are here to help protect your workforce, reopen and resume operations. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals provides comprehensive decontamination cleaning and safer, secure waste disposal.

  • 24/7 Decontamination Response
  • Reopening and Recurring Cleaning
  • Waste Management and Disposal

Let's Get Started...

Our proven, professional and reliable experts are ready to provide solutions to your environmental needs. Discover the A-C-T advantage and contact us today for a consultation and free review of your project.

Let's Get Started...

Our proven, professional and reliable experts are ready to provide solutions to your environmental needs. Discover the A-C-T advantage and contact us today for a consultation and free review of your project.

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