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Cross-Agency Relationships

Relationships & Regulations.

Our strong cross-agency relationships and understanding of regulatory programs make us your ideal one-stop source for land development projects – conceptual design and environmental assessments, engineering documents, the permitting process, construction, and finally maintenance and inspection services.

We maintain relationships with regulatory agencies to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service in the industry. Our clients include consulting firms, entertainment companies, utility companies, and government agencies.

Our clients’ confidence in A-C-T’s turn-key system grants them freedom to concentrate on their operations, while our team manages their needs, develops solutions, works towards their goals and documents the process.

Drone in Flight
Ocean Facility
3D Mapping

Safety, Quality, Speed

What can A-C-T Drone Services do for you?

Quickly Inspect Hard To Reach Areas While Reducing Risk To Employees

  • Real-time inspection and image gathering.
  • High definition imagery, georeferenced for accurate positioning and reliable comparisons to historic aerial data.
  • Accurate data derived from drone imagery and sensor data.

Real-Time Imaging

  • Inspect hard-to-reach locations with greater speed.
    • Reduce cost and time lost with drone flights instead of man lifts, cranes, scaffolding, or in areas that had no inspection before. A quick deploying drone flight can allow for new inspections where man lifts were too time-consuming or expensive.
    • Inspect large areas quickly using speed and altitude. A-C-T drones can scan large acreage areas to quickly find areas of interest. Photo imagery, plant health, thermal, elevation, and multispectral data can pinpoint problem areas much faster than walking or driving a large property.
  • Reduce risk to employees by removing potential fall hazards and confined space entries.
  • Inspect areas for hazards before introducing workers to the area.
    • Inspect for dangerous wildlife (alligators, wild boar, insect infestation).
    • Inspect for protected wildlife such as bird nests.
    • Find heat signatures to assist in fire prevention, equipment maintenance, emergency response coordination, containment failure, tank volume measurement, etc.

High Definition, Georeferenced Imagery

  • A-C-T provides imagery of your site with a sub-inch pixel resolution and high accuracy georeferencing.
  • Full HD and 4K video of hard-to-reach areas: roofs, pipe racks, inside tanks, along slopes/edges, etc.
  • Compare imagery over time to measure progress, find and address issues before they grow, assess opportunities, and better control the cost of business.
  • Get an unrivaled perspective of your assets on a true scale, giving you a clear understanding of real-world conditions in near real-time.
  • Use cut and fill calculations to measure stockpile volume and determine backfill needs.

Image-Derived 3D Models

  • Render 3D models of a worksite to gain a 360-degree perspective.
  • Visualize an entire job site remotely.

Thermal Imaging

  • Inspect solar farms for failing panels.
  • Find hotspots on tanks during ER events.
  • Quickly and safely measure product levels inside tanks.
  • Perform maintenance inspections.
  • Process facilities by finding hot or cold spots.

Regulatory Programs

Assessing Needs & Developing Solutions.

From regulatory processes to property transactions and soil stability investigations, we understand environmental regulations and industry standards. We know agency requirements and employ experts who ensure your projects attain your desired goal.

Our proficiencies include Federal programs such as RCRA, CERCLA, FIFRA, and TSCA; state programs for storage tanks, dry cleaners, Brownfields, and other contaminated sites; as well as regional and local programs that extend to water resources and environmental resources permitting, land use, and community right-to-know.

Our civil development talents are uniquely positioned to support environmentally challenged sites. A-C-T also offers expertise in air quality assessments, auditing and compliance inspections, due diligence investigations, emergency response services, emergency preparedness plans, environmental waste management, natural resource protection and conservation plans, contamination remediation plans and implementation, restoration, sustainability solutions, spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans (SPCC), wastewater treatment system design, and emerging technology.

Find the Best Solution

Access the Experts.

When questions, unusual issues or problems occur at a site, project managers and field team leaders have direct access to A-C-T’s scientific, engineering and administrative experts – any time, day or night. From applying innovative, cost-saving services to streamlining the scope and proposal process, A-C-T provides the best solutions to all of your environmental, geological, engineering and infrastructure requirements.

Let's Get Started...

Our proven, professional and reliable experts are ready to provide solutions to your environmental needs. Discover the A-C-T advantage and contact us today for a consultation and free review of your project.

Let's Get Started...

Our proven, professional and reliable experts are ready to provide solutions to your environmental needs. Discover the A-C-T advantage and contact us today for a consultation and free review of your project.

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