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Our Services

Our Services


Our expertise lies in the remediation of contaminated sites using various approaches. Our goal is to develop the best remedial action plan possible that minimizes liability, cost, and exposure while maximizing cleanup effectiveness and restorative measures. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to the design of multi-phase/multi-year remediation projects and with over 35 years in the industry, we have you covered.


Emergency Response

Emergency response situations are unpredictable, scary, and sometimes costly. A-C-T has the experience, knowledge, and customer service needed to assist you in managing these situations. A-C-T’s experience and reputation for the highest quality emergency response have been earned through decades of performing and perfecting our response operations. We have established and maintained an efficient system, which allows for rapid and effective emergency response. Our Environmental Emergency Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Industrial Services

Our clients trust their most difficult and complex projects to our experienced professionals with a proven track record of successfully managing concerns and mitigating potential hazards. Our company has delivered on our client’s industrial services needs for over 35 years. A-C-T’s professional and highly trained staff is ready to accommodate your plant and facility needs, including vacuum truck work, storage tank cleaning, hydro-blasting, plant outages, and turnarounds. Our field staff is OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER and confined space trained and ready to serve you.

Waste Management

We provide solutions that improve your environmental footprint and minimize risk. Our team is here to assist your organization in achieving your goals for profitability, sustainability, and security. Our dedicated team of experts will help your business implement responsible waste management strategies to meet all your goals, so you can concentrate on the rest of your business. The customized services we offer will minimize your environmental footprint and most importantly protect your brand.

Disaster Response

The devastating impacts of natural disasters can wreak havoc on communities, businesses, infrastructure, real estate, and energy delivery systems. The road to recovery is long and there are many challenges to overcome, from assessing flood-ravaged buildings to rehabilitating downed power lines and damaged transmission systems. In the wake of a disaster, A-C-T has the experience and expertise to address your most complex environmental and infrastructure challenges.

Environmental & Occupational Health

A-C-T continues to earn its reputation as a nationwide leader in providing environmental and occupational health services. Whether it's consultation, remote, or on-site training, we aim to provide innovative safety practices that create value for our clients. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the safest workplace possible for your employees.


Experience, work quality, and consistency have built our reputation and relationship with regulatory authorities. Routinely working with your local regulators makes us the best choice to liaise on your behalf. Having firsthand experience applying for a multitude of different permits and providing assistance in maintaining compliance in a variety of industries gives us the background necessary to navigate the difficulties of these areas.


From developing turn-key projects to providing supplemental support, A-C-T’s scientists, engineers, geologists, and technicians rely on their extensive implementation experience to cultivate cost-effective, reliable, sustainable solutions. A-C-T’s technical team has been solving complex environmental challenges for public and private sector clients since 1987.


You should choose your decontamination contractor carefully. Decontamination is a tedious process that requires technical expertise, careful execution, and thorough disinfection. To avoid costly return visits, choose experienced professionals with a proven track record. Our decontamination experts and certified industrial hygienists have years of experience with sensitive biological environments. With effective decontamination methods and high attention to detail, we get it right the first time with reduced cost and exposure.

Let's Get Started...

Our proven, professional and reliable experts are ready to provide solutions to your environmental needs. Discover the A-C-T advantage and contact us today for a consultation and free review of your project.

Let's Get Started...

Our proven, professional and reliable experts are ready to provide solutions to your environmental needs. Discover the A-C-T advantage and contact us today for a consultation and free review of your project.

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